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Paint Brushes

The Royal "soft grip" brushes have proven to be a real workhorse for decoy painting and yet will not break the bank. Actually it's amazing that all sizes of these brushes are just $3.49 per brush. They hold up very well and you will not feel guilty if you have to pitch one. We carry them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Royal Soft Grip Round

Size #6,#8,& #10

Our price per brush...$3.70 (ea) plus shipping

Royal Soft Grip Flat Shaders

Sizes: #4, #6, #8, #10, 1/2", and 3/4"

Our price for all sizes... $3.70 (ea) plus shipping

Royal Soft Grip Sable Detail Brushes

Sizes: #3, & #5

Our price for all sizes... $3.70(ea) plus shipping

Brush Combo Package

We are excited to partner our Soft Grip brushes with a new style multi purpose case. You get 10 brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes in a handy carry case that converts to a brush holder for your painting area. Our Soft Grips really make the grade as a quality tool for painting. Without question, these are my favorite “workhorse” brushes and case.

Our price... $45.95 plus shipping

Loew-Cornell 7020 Detailing Brushes

The L/C 7020 has become the number one recommended brush for detailing. It is a super brush and will not break the bank. We carry the 7020 in three sizes:


Our price for #2... $11.20, #4... $12.80, #6... $14.30 plus shipping


Badger Airbrushes

Badger 100 SG Airbrush

This package features the 100 SG Airbrush with built in fluid cavity. The cavity holds 1 to 10 drops of paint. It is ideal for smaller type projects like detailing, feathering, shading, and stenciling on a single decoy or carving. It is very easy to keep clean. Sold with Fine Tip and Needle. The 100 SG is the number one choice of decoy painters.

Our Price…..$122.00 plus shipping

Badger 100 G Airbrush

This package features the 100 G Airbrush with a permanently mounted top color cup. The cup holds 1/16 oz. (2cc) of paint. It is ideal for larger projects and multiple carvings yet will do all the things the 100 SG brush does. It is great for blocking in colors and is available with fine or medium tips. This brush is the most versatile of the 100 series.

Our Price...$132.00 plus shipping

Badger Airbrush Accessories

Fine Needles..................................

Medium Needles.............................

Fine Head Assembly.......................

Medium Head Assembly..................

Hoses 10 foot Braided.....................

Badger Airbrush Cleaner..16 oz........

Airbrush Holder  (holds two brushes)

$6.20 plus shipping

$6.20 plus shipping

$18.20 plus shipping

$18.20 plus shipping

$29.25 plus shipping

$14.95 plus shipping

$29.00 plus shipping

Not sure which airbrush to choose? This article and video may help you decide....

Selecting an Airbrush by Willy McDonald

Airbrush 101  Instructional Video

Miscellaneous Painting Supplies

Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencils are ideal for drawing in feather groups or locating areas of anatomy. Simply draw on your feathers and if you make a mistake or need to adjust, just wipe off with a damp cloth. They are especially suited when working with acrylic paints as they will disappear when you paint over them.

 Our Price $5.95 plus shipping

Brush Washer

Our Brush Washer is a great product for keeping your brushes in great shape. Fill the well with water and hang your brushes in the water to keep them viable during your painting session. Because the brushes are in a vertical position paint is not drying in the heel of the brush. It also serves as a drying rack after final cleaning.

Our Price $12.50 plus shipping

Palette Paper

Palette Paper is a product that I cannot live without. Mixing colors is easy against the white surface. The Poly coated surface is impervious to Oils, Acrylics and Water colors. I have kept acrylic paint viable for days (with proper mediums) with zero soak thru. Cleanup and disposal is quick and easy. You get 40 9x12 inch sheets with each tablet.

Our Price $7.99 plus shipping

DecoArt Traditions Texture Medium

Click Here For Willy's Tutorial
"Creating Texture with DecoArt Traditions Texture Medium"

Our Price 4 oz jar........$6.50 plus shipping

DecoArt Tradition's Acrylic Paint & Mediums
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