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Over the past 15 years Willy McDonald has taught 100’s of students how to carve and paint.  Students have enjoyed carving success ranging from happy weekend hobby carvers to BEST OF SHOW winners at major competitions around the country. Satisfied customers are always calling to say how much Willy’s videos have helped them and they all echo the same comments......  “Willy’s step by step teaching methods make learning the carving and painting process easy.  Nothing in the process is left to the imagination”.

It’s true! Willy’s step by step method of carving is captured on all Duck Blind Instructional Videos. He doesn’t leave you wondering what he’s done, everything is explained in detail. You can work in your own shop, at you own pace and review a certain step as many times as you want.

Best of all, once you become a video student Willy is always available for consultation via email or our 800 number if you have problems. All of our instructional videos were video-taped using digital cameras for the best reproduction.


The Duck Blind University is excited to announce the release of the latest educational video devoted to the carving of real hunting decoys. The video features instructor, Willy McDonald, doing what he does best……carving and painting hunting decoys and sharing his methods in his easy to understand, step by step, teaching style. This 6 ½ hour (3 DVDs) video series offers instruction with a unique twist. It highlights the carving and painting of two different species and it also demonstrates carving with hand tools and motorized grinders. The video class is designed for carvers of all skill levels wanting to learn how to carve gunning decoys. Most notably, it is perfect for the beginner or duck hunter that wants to hunt over his or her own hand carved decoys.


All aspects of carving cork and wood gunning decoys including pattern making. Patterns of the decoys carved on the video are included with the series.

The species chosen for the class are the mainstays of every hunting rig, namely, Mallards and Bluebills. Students will learn to carve and paint both the Drake and the Hen of each species. That’s four different decoys on one video.
The carving on the Bluebill decoys is accomplished with all hand tools. This allows the carver on a limited budget to get started with a minimum amount of tools. The same carving methods are then demonstrated on the Mallard Pair, utilizing power tools, giving the viewer an all around view of the process.

The painting portion of the video class is excellent as it gives each student several different options in "techniques" to fit the style of true hunting decoys. The processes learned on each decoy are the stepping stones to the next, culminating with the painting of the Hen Mallard.

All aspects of the carving and painting processes are featured with nothing left out. The video was shot with all digital equipment with excellent close-ups for easy viewing.

The video instructor, Willy McDonald, is always available via email or toll free number to answer questions or give advise.

How to Carve Hunting Decoys (3 DVDs, 6 ½ hours) $125.00
(Includes patterns and equipment list)

Hunting Decoy Package Deal MM3


The success of a new video can always be measured by the number of people crowded around the TV set at a show and this carving video has turned out to be a very popular feature at the Duck Blind Booth this show season. The accolades from carvers around the country bear out the value of this series as a learning source for carvers of all skill levels.

Although the video deals with carving a Drake Redhead, the techniques learned in this video will apply to any species. Willy takes you through the entire process of carving a Decorative Decoy. This demonstration is clear and concise and starts with wood and pattern selection and then takes you through the carving steps including body shaping, feather layout, woodburning and texturing, bill and eye detail.  This three tape series offers over 6 hours of instruction and is designed for the novice/intermediate.

Realistic Decoy Carving (3 DVDs) V-52  $100

Hi Willy, I thought I would write and thank you for your Decoy Carving 101 Videos.  I love them. I've never had any artistic ability and was sure I wouldn't be  able to succeed at my own decoy making. Thanks to your videos I have been very successful. It was the best 100 dollars I have ever spent. Thanks!

Gary March - Avid Waterfowler


This is the companion video to our "Realistic Decoy Carving 101" series. Although the subject matter is a Drake Redhead, painting techniques used on this tape would apply to virtually any species of wildfowl. All aspects of painting with acrylic’s are covered on this video including sealing, priming, blending, shading, detailing, and airbrushing. This Duck Blind University video class is over 2 hours in length and is perfect for the beginning or intermediate carver wanting to learn or improve acrylic painting techniques.

Realistic Decoy Painting (1 DVD) V-53  $39.95


Literally 100’s of carvers have watched Willy’s Air Brush demonstration at various shows from coast to coast.  Many spectators mused about how great it would be to take Willy home to assist them with learning the air brush. Now it’s possible!

This video is like having a ring-side seat at one of Willy’s demos only better.  Shot with a digital camera, this video  features clear up-close shots of the entire process.  Willy’s step by step teaching style is always consistent by his assumption that the viewer knows nothing about the process and therefore nothing is left out.  He teaches you how to hold the brush, how to take it apart, keep it clean, about the compressor, solving normal problems, and various techniques for painting.

If you are one of the many that already own an airbrush but are afraid to use it, then this video is a must. The soft subtle blending of colors that is only possible with an airbrush is a necessity to be competitive at today’s shows.

Airbrush 101 (1 DVD) V-51 $24.95


A friend of mine encouraged me to purchase an airbrush a couple of years ago. It stayed in the box because I really didn’t know how to get started. Recently, I purchased the Duck Blind’s Air Brush 101 video at a show. The tape had all the information I needed to get started. The quality of the video is excellent and Willy does a great job of explaining all facets of the air brush operation and maintenance.

Brad Feldser, Wildlife Carver, Atlanta, Georgia

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