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Padded Sander Tutorial - Changing Paper

One of the most asked questions regarding Padded Sanders is how to change the paper. Hopefully this tutorial will take some of the mystery out of the process.

When you purchase the sander the kit will contain the Padded Sander, a key and a metal template.

It is important to make a note of the direction of the jam tube in relation to the sand paper. To do this you should look at the end of the sander tube making sure that the paper separation is on the bottom. The photo below will illustrate this. Note that the jam tube is oblong to hold the sandpaper in place.

To remove the jam tube insert the key and turn away from the sandpaper and remove. You should be able to remove the sandpaper at this time

Replacement sandpaper should not be coarser than 100 grit and cloth backed...not paper. I prefer 150 grit. The metal template is the exact size of the piece of sandpaper needed. In the photo you will see the proper direction to place the template on the sandpaper so that the natural curve of the sandpaper will match the curve of sander. This is the most important step for ease of changing.

Draw around the template and then cut out.

Next using the metal template fold the paper over the edges. See the photo illustration.

When finished the sandpaper should form a tube that will fit on the sander....

Now slide the tube onto the sander by sliding the folds up the slot.

Replace the jam tube making sure that you line it up exactly as the starting photo shows and turn to tighten against the sandpaper.

The number one enemy of the padded sander is running too fast and creating heat build up that will eventually ruin the rubber pad. Also, just using the end and especially at a high speed is also a factor for pad degradation. Slow down. This is a great tool and will save you tons of time hand sanding. We have this sander in two sizes and changing the paper is the same for both sizes

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