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Willy, Diane,
Murphy McDonald

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Making a Jig for Cutting Out Cork Decoy Bodies

I like this method when I have a lot of bodies to cut for the same species. I start jig construction by laying out the top view of my pattern on a square block of cork. Once this is done I cut out the top view and then build a box around the cutout. Plywood works the best for this but "one by stock" will work also.

Once the glue is dry I draw on the side view of my pattern making sure you have the bottom of the pattern aligned with the top side of the bottom board....

Next you can cut out the side view and your Jig is complete.

From this point on you can just cut out top views from your pattern using the Puzzle method and drop them in the jig and place the jig on the side and cut out following the top outline. Be careful not to cut into your jig when cutting the side view....just follow the outside edge. The jig can be used over and over providing you use the same pattern. This is very useful when making a large Bluebill rig for instance.

Side view cutting

And the finished blank with the jig ready for another top view cutout

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