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Foredom and WeCheer Care

Removing your handpiece from the shaft is easy. Simply grip the handpiece firmly with one hand and grip the metal collar on the sheath with other hand and give a sharp yank to separate. Do not pull on the sheath as you could remove it from the collar.

To re-attach the handpiece to the shaft it is necessary to align the key on the shaft with the slot in the handpiece coupler and snap the shaft into the handpiece with sharp push. It is possible to have the handpiece operate without it being seated properly and this usually results in a severe vibration. If this should occur remove the handpiece from the shaft and check the alignment. In the photo below I have removed the cover on the coupler to illustrate the proper connection. I quite often will turn the cutter manually to get the shaft to seat plus feel the motor turning.

When the shaft is properly adjusted in the sheath it should protrude from the end of the sheath three quarters 3/4 of and inch.

If adjustment needs to be done loosen the set screw on the motor hub that the shaft slides into and move the sheath up or down to get the proper inch shaft exposure.

If you need to change a shaft then you must remove the motor hub from the motor to expose the connection. The hub has left hand threads so right is not tight but loosening. Once the hub is off remove the shaft by loosening the set screw.

Foredom shafts require lubrication but WeCheer shafts do not. Lubrication of the Foredom shaft should be light so that you do not get oozing into a handpiece. A small amount goes a long way. Lubricate with Foredom shaft grease.

Although the shafts are flexible on both machines you should attempt to run with the shafts as straight as possible for best shaft and sheath life. If you are right handed put your motor over you right shoulder and if you are left handed over you left shoulder to keep the shaft as straight as possible. Lastly insert the cutters fully into the hand piece to avoid vibration and damage to the bearings.




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